Huawei Launching New OS For Smartphone

Huawei, one of the most lucrative smartphones at present, is secretly launching its own OS to compete with Android. New OS For Smartphones is name Tizen.

Huawei, a Chinese telecom and electronics giant is going to launch its own operating system. It is because of their denied decision to reduce dependency on google’s operating system Android. It is totally secret news claims a report.
According to the report published in The Information, three of the trustful in the condition of secrecy assured that Huawei is secretly developing an alternative mobile operating system.
Huawei claims that their new operating system is not new to them because they started it earlier and they involve ex-staffers from Nokia to build this OS. The former Apple creative director Abigail Brody now chief user experience designer of Huawei also declined to comment on their new OS but she said that she has a schedule to meet them in August. And she assured me that she would clarify it then.
The company expected that Brody will introduce something new and change to the company’s Emotion UI which is to be built on top of Android OS. Brody hinted that the new Emotion UI version is going to be released this fall with “Glaring cosmetic issues” and “pain points”. She denies revealing the changes now.

The report also claims that the new UI will not be less like the iOS UI. On the other hand Samsung now the most wanted smartphone company is also working to develop its personal operating system Tizen. This operating system is also mostly dependent on google’s Android. Though Samsung promised to develop Tizen at the very beginning of its launch they could not. Now they heed bound for a march to make it good enough for the users and gangs in the overcrowded smartphone market.

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