Exynos 2200 is planned for in the early part of the year, with the focus on gaming

Samsung’s flagship chipset, currently dubbed Exynos 2200, is expected to launch before February 2022, the date when it is believed that the Galaxy S22 series is rumored to be launched. The chipset typically arrives about a month before the flagship smartphones and Samsung recently stated that it will be available “early next year”.

Samsung confirmed that it’s working on the “small gift for fans who love gaming” and, while there are speculations that related to the Exynos 2200 could be gaming-oriented but we should not rule out the possibility of having an upgraded version of the GPU.

Samsung states in its description of the teaser that it’s for all supporters who have been with Samsung throughout the pandemic, and also illustrates what “togetherness” means. The video is heartwarming about a child who is inoculated but isn’t able to interact with his peers which is why they must be a part of a game on mobile.

It is interesting to note that one of the posters over the bed of the child is titled “2200” and we this could be an accident – it’s likely a clue to the forthcoming Exynos.

Samsung typically does not release specifications as do its Chinese counterparts, which means we must rely on speculation about its upcoming products. We’re confident that the new chip will be based on the 4nm FiNFET technology and will include Radeon portable GPU. It will be able to bring HDR gamingas well as ray-tracing, and variable rate shading for mobile gaming. the features are only available on consoles and PCs as of today.

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