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Today’s deal is on UGREEN Electronics Accessories. UGREEN is a leading brand that designs and manufactures high-quality electronic accessories. UGREEN strives to make the highest quality products with the latest technology to solve various problems in daily life. UGREEN has been getting the attention of millions of people due to its high-quality products, which include batteries, power banks, protective cases and screen protectors which are designed and manufactured with the latest technology to solve various problems such as charging, charging, and power.

UGREEN Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 40Gbps

UGREEN Cat8 Ethernet Cable – 40Gbps! The brand new Cat8 (8th Generation) Ethernet cable, made with pure copper wires. It is for UGREEN Ethernet cables, but it is also backward compatible with the Cat5e Ethernet cables. The Cat8 Ethernet cables are 40Gbps and backward compatible with the older Cat5e cables.

Regular Price: $ 12.99 SGD

Discount Price: $10.39 SGD

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Very nice cable with the top build quality. I recently upgraded my gigabit internet, and it works flawlessly. I have nothing to say about its excellent quality cable. I’m not complaining. I would recommend it without hesitation.
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Fantastically excellent- the cable is sufficient and runs like a dream. This is definitely the best cable on the market. I worked in Networking and am familiar with cables quite a bit, and this is an absolute godsend! It delivers what it promises with no interference and will last absolutely!